What is Abetment under IPC?

what is abetment?

According to Chapter V of the Indian Penal Code, even if a person has not committed the crime, they cannot be discharged of all allegations, if they have conspired to commit it. The law of abetment has made the law broader in penalizing these threatening intents. What is Abetment? Abetment means to instigate, provoke, or … Read more

General Exceptions Under IPC

general exceptions

The IPC provides for certain situations where conduct that would otherwise constitute an offence is not punishable. These are known as “general exceptions” and are outlined in sections 76 to 106. These exceptions are crucial as they recognize circumstances where an individual’s actions are justified or excused due to specific conditions. The exceptions are differentiated … Read more



Under Indian Contract, section 124 defines a contract of indemnity. A legally binding agreement exists when one party guarantees the other that they will protect him from any harm that may come to him. For example: the simplest way to understand the indemnity contract is to look at the insurance contract. The insurance company made … Read more